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Watsu is the gentlest deep massage ever created. The benefits of therapeutic massage are beyond question. For everything from simple relaxation, to the treatment of injury, to easing the effects of many forms of disease...massage has proven itself an indispensable supplement to Physical therapy, drug therapies, and other forms of modern medical care.


The question for you, then, is "What's the best type of massage for me?"Watsu is a relatively new form of therapeutic massage, created by Harold Dull and refined over the past two decades to combine two specific characteristics: complete gentleness and unsurpassed depth. How is this possible? How can a massage that is literally pain-free offer even more therapeutic benefits then the forceful work so renowned for being "deep"?  The answer lies in the medium & method...

 Warm water, skilled touch, and a connection from the heart.  Imagine drifting afloat and supported in a warm pool of water, with muscles gentled, mind calmed spirit open and free. No sounds but the water. No time but the present. No sensations but a tensionless, supportive ease that allows your body to relax deeper, and deeper.


     The Secret to Watsu is water heated to precisely the same temperature as your skin. In this water, gravity and weight become irrelevant, and the therapist can manipulate, stretch, and massage your body in ways not possible on land, with precision, subtlety, and virtually no effort. Supported in this warmth and safety, your muscles and fascia are free to give up their long-held patterns of guarding, tension, holding, and pain. While your mind is free to quiet itself. 

     WATSU involves a series of yoga-like stretches and massage techniques that are combined to resemble a graceful dance. Some of the moves involve gentle rocking and cradling by the therapist. The head is supported so that the face is above the surface of the water at all times. The spine is freed and the breath expands.

      The warmth and support of the water (92-96 degrees F) enhance the ability of the soft tissues to lengthen. The nervous system relaxes and tension is reduced on a cellular level throughout the body. 

     It is not uncommon in the soft, nurturing, water environment for emotional release to occur. The body and senses are at rest as if asleep, the faculties of mind and reasons are alert as if awake. There is a feeling of peace which goes beyond all understanding. 

Video above is Minakshi -  Marathon Key, Florida    If you would like to learn more visit her Aquatic Bodywork Island Studio where you can learn about classes, get videos of WATSU, WATERDANCE, and More.  MINAKSHIWATSU.COM 

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