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I started going to Nathan about 4 months ago at the suggestion of a friend who has been helped tremendously by him.   I was made to feel comfortable immediately by his nice personality and way with people.   I told him on my first appointment that I had been going to a chiropractor for months and I was at my witts end.  He took the time to listen to my complaints and to address them with information and help.    I had a fall back in March or April and the chiropractor would fix me one visit and hurt me the next.   By the time I met Nathan, I had been going there for 5 months and I really felt BROKEN.  I received a lot of relief the very first visit to Nathan.  I made another appointment without hesitation.    I quit going to that chiropractor and got a new one, but kept regular appointments with Nathan.   Within a short time, I was back on my feet again and feeling good.   The last few times I have gone, I really didn’t have to go, I am not broken anymore.   But now I really want to go.  The relaxation that he helps you to gain is sooooo worth it.   I just left from another great massage and remembered that I had been wanting to comment every time I have gone and forgot.   I finally remembered, I have something to say.   Because of adding Nathan to my therapy to get me back on my feet, I am finally well and back to my regular schedule of things and feeling great!   I thank him for ALL of the schooling he has taken and for using it all to my benefit.   So happy for my friend for suggesting him.  I Love it!!!   Massage for Life!  (Lisa M. December 2016)

AWESOME MASSAGE....... HANDS DOWN!!!! If you are looking for a GREAT MASSAGE without having to go to the BIG CITY then look no further.  Nathan McCarter is a top notch therapist.  I have been to several High End Salons in the Knoxville area and Nathan is right up there.  He does a fantastic job and will follow your direction and provide the massage that you are looking for (light pressure, deep tissue).  Again, I am a very satisfied customer for the past 5 months or so and have standing appointments each month. (Pearce B. December 2011)

SOUL Massage If you want a massage for stress management  or   for   relaxing   tight muscles I am sure there are plenty of  massage therapists in Greeneville that can do that for you...If you prefer to have your soul massaged as well as your body massaged then Nathan is the therapist for you. He is compassionate and gentle and professional in his care of  and for  you" (Doris S-T. June 29, 2011)


Recent Reviews submitted to   I stopped posting the genbook reviews on this page as they are available when you visit  Thank you all for your reviews I greatly appreciate them! 

Nathan is the BEST! Nathan definitely deserves a five star rating! I have had massages by Nathan for several years and would highly recommend him. I have had massages in several other towns, but Greeneville is very fortunate to have him. (Barbara B. December 18,2011)

Fantastic! Nathan is excellent! He is extremely professional and a gifted massage therapist! I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. I've been going to Nathan for years, and he's helped my back pain immensely. He's great! (M. December 14,2011)

Feel good massage! When I get stressed and need to regroup and reinvigorate, I go to Nathan. He is completely professional, and he always asks whether I have any issues that need to be dealt with. (Lindy R. December 14, 2011)

A + Massage and Bodywork I have had several massage therapist in the surrounding areas, Nathan is the best, very professional and he knows how to remove the stress from our bodies, so we can relaxed for sevreal more days in the week. I do recommend him to people in the area. (S.B. November 17, 2011)

Forget How Good it Feels It felt wonderful. The shop is quiet and calm and very relaxing. Nathan took extra time to work on my injured knee and did not charge me extra. I just wish I could go weekly! Thanks, Nathan ( P.B. October 5, 2011) 

Nathan McCarter Five stars just aren't enough, Nathan should have his hands insured, I always feel like his only client and he always treats me with dignity, Greeneville is fortunate to have this professional in the community, Thanks Nathan (E.R. October 2, 2011)

Another stellar experience! A fabulously relaxing way to spend an hour. For that one little space of time, you feel as if you are the most important person in the world. Thanks Nathan for your magic touch! Can't wait 'til December when I get to experince that feeling again!! (M.H. September 26,2011)

Thanks Nathan What a great way to spend an hour. Times like this I wish an hour was longer. Thanks Nathan for making my back feel so much better. Glad you going to keep your business here in Greeneville (B.W. August 31, 2011)

Simply The Best Nathan McCarter is a Massage Therapist that simply works magic! Everytime I get a massage, Nathan makes me feel as though I am the only client he has had all day. I always leave feeling refreshed, renewed and de-stressed. (K.L. August 24, 2011)

HEAVEN... on earth! Nathan McCarter is the best yet! Everytime I get a massage it is better and better! I NEVER LEAVE DISAPPOINTED! Thank you Nathan for such a relaxed and warm environment. (L.H.R. August 14, 2011)

Happiness is... NATHAN!!!!! :) HAPPINESS IS... NATHAN!!!!! :). :) He is NUMBER ONE in our book!!! :)We have known him for many years & he is absolutely the best! No one in the GOOD USA can come close to his hot rocks/ stones massage! Thank you bunches for being the kind Gentleman & caring friend to our family!!!! :)  (C.E. August 5,2011)

SALUTE !!..The best MASSAGE THERAPIST... ONLY the magic of NATHAN McCARTER Massage Bodywork can take away all my STRESS ......never get disappointed but always look forward to the next visit... (Tess V.  May 14, 2011)

Best ever! Best massage therapist ever! I'm counting down the days until my next visit. You won't be disappointed. I can't believe we are lucky enough to have him in Greeneville. Thanks, Nathan! (Amy A. April 22, 2011)

MY FAVORITE MONTHLY APPOINTMENT!!!  Oh my!!! I can't say enough about how much I enjoy my visits with Nathan. After a stressful day, I can always depend on leaving McCarter Massage & Bodywork, STRESS FREE! Thank you, Nathan!! I look forward to each and every visit. (Janice B. April 14, 2011)

Health care in TN  As a visitor to the area of I was in great need of a LMT. Family member suggested Nathan.... what a blessing... he was kind, caring, efficient, professional and had a calming demenour that enhanced the therapeutic massage sessions that I had..... Much improvement in only two sessions.... If I am ever in the area again , Nathan will be my choice of massage therapist.... Thanks again for you help Nathan .... remember to look after YOU too!!! (Chris G. April 2, 2011)

Can you say..... "R-E-L-A-X" Nathan knows how to get the stress right out of you and soothe your tired and weary body. The atmosphere, sounds, music, aroma therapy, always has a way to wash away the stress. Thank you Nathan!! A very relaxing time always... (Anita C. April 1, 2011)

It Does A Body GOOD! I love my regular visits to Nathan. Somehow it seems to always work out that on my most stressful days, my visit to McCarter Massage & Bodywork is close! Thank you Nathan for a world class massage right here in East Tennessee! (Randy P.  March 29, 2011)

A "10" Nathan is the best! A very relaxing experience, pleasant atmosphere, and a wonderful feeling afterward. Nathan is very professional and a great guy! I have tried others, but LOVE Nathan.  (Paige P. March 10, 2011)

Can I give 6 stars? The thing you need to know about Nathan is that he is the ultimate professional in every way ... and he manages to be a delightful person at the same time. The absolute best. (Robbie M. March 3, 2011)

LOVE McCarter Massage and Bodywork  I have been enjoying Nathan at McCarter's Massage & Bodywork for nearly 14 years & never have I felt more refreshed & relaxed after my hour massage. I have had other massage sessions when on vacation or out of town but never do they measures up. I HIGHLY recommend Nathan for those who enjoy a GREAT massage! (Randy P. March 1, 2011)

Nathan's Massage Ther[a]py....the best!  I give Nathan a five star rating as a massage therapist.....and I have tried many a therapist, Nathan is the best! I am so glad he is here in greeneville, TN!! (Diane S. February 17th, 2011)

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